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November 2012 I visited Myanmar with my husband. We traveled around the country for about 3 weeks. Myanmar’s people are unique in that they are not yet spoiled by the tourist industry. People are incredibly welcoming and enjoy making conversation with foreigners. I fear one day that as Myanmar opens up to the world this will change as more and more tourists are coming every year. When I think of Myanmar I see and hear the noise of busy streets, colorful longyi’s, smiling cheeks full of thanakha make-up, nun’s singing as they collect alms, porcelain cups clanging in a tea shop, incense burning, dogs sunning, dogs barking, Buddha always watching, betel nut teeth, steaming bowl of noodle soup, bright pinks and reds of the hilltribe women, lucky money, bashful monk, teakwood creaking under my feet, and the soft ringing of bells on top of many stupas.

Tread lightly if you go there I don’t want it to change.